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What’s the cost?

$700 | $2000 | $3000

Your choice of $700 weekly subscription plan or 3-month flat support for $9000 ($3000/month 3-pay plan) or a $2000 a month subscription plan. No contract. No commitment. No penalty. No binding. Pay as you go. Pay when you want, where you want. Terminate anytime. Join anytime. Hire me as your permanent support tech or hire just for the first-time setup. You control how you pay. Pay via PayPal or do a direct deposit – you have options to choose from.

Ready to subscribe my plan or just want to hire me one time? Tap on the image below to visit plan details page:supportpage

Support Plan Details about the cost

In the Support Plans page, you will view all the details about the coverage of the support. If you are not yet sure, and you may like to know more, you  may click on the ‘Let’s Go!’ button now.

Email Me

If you are not quite clear about it and need more info related to this matter, you may write me here or clicking on the icon just above. You can write me asking for more details or anything your heart is set for or curious or concerned about. I’ll be replying you really fast – trust me.

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