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Volunteering Project (PROJECT HELP) is a noble cause that facilitates non-profit groups, schools, colleges, agencies and religious or ethical organizations that desire to have a closed or monitored social network of their own. Closed or monitored is tended to understand as regulated for screening profanity or offensive materials from getting circulated. Please read examples of non-profit groups and details in the ‘Details’ section. If you are not quire sure whether you fall in the category, you can simply write me about that. This project has been announced in Facebook.

Volunteering Project


For example, you are a community organization and want to establish your own community social network that would facilitate your community members to communicate within the community social network, interact and share ideas within, I can setup one for you for FREE.
Similarly, you are a religious group such as a temple and want your members to stay connected and interact in real time under your purely religious social network that is able to screen words that are not favorable to your kind of organization, I can setup one for you for free. Why? Because you are a not-for-profit organization and working for the noble causes.
I can also help you setup your own community network if you are a school. This will facilitate all of your school children, teachers, staff members and parents or volunteers or executive committees stay connected under one closely monitored social network far away from mainstream social network impact.
Are you starting up a social club and you want your members to stay connected within the club network and interact between and amongst members, share ideas and help each other the way members are expected to, I can setup one social network of your own for FREE.
Also, I can help you setup your own social network if you are starting a child-care center and you have very limited resources. My attempt will add some fuel in your startup business that is very close to non-profit because of its genuine cause of taking care of children in the same community. Send me your request below:

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Do not worry! My support is totally free for any non-profit groups and organizations.
Spread the words so that needful groups and organizations can be benefitted by this offer. You might have been connected to anyone of them directly or indirectly and may want to assist them the best way possible — this is an opportunity. My skills, time, efforts and dedication and your simple try to reach out those in your connections can make a difference in our society. This is my one step approach to help from the grounds that I’m comfortable with and eager to helping people around the world. Let’s put hands together in this noble cause!
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